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3rd AC4M2016 will cover a wide range of interdisciplinary and current research topics related to Mechanical Manufacturing, Modeling and Materials. The main topics include Mechatronics and Automation, Machine Design, Manufacturing Technology and Processing, Modeling and Simulation, Materials science etc. Specific topics to be discussed will include but not limited to:

Conference Topics:

T1 Mechatronics and Automation
Theory and technology of optical-mechanical-electrical integration
Advanced manufacturing technology
Manufacturing Process Simulation
CIMS and Manufacturing System
Mechanical and Liquid Flow Dynamic
Applications of Micro and Nano Systems
Image recognition and intelligent control
Development and Applications of Micro Manufacturing Equipment
Miniaturization of Molding and Casting Processes
Hybrid Macro/Meso/Micro Manufacturing Processes
Hydraulic servo system
Laser processing technology and system
Complex mechanical-electro-liquid System
Design of Machines and its Applications
Mechanical Design and Production of MEMS
Emerging Technologies in Design and Manufacturing
Design and Operations of Manufacturing Systems for Responsiveness
Collaborative and Digital Manufacturing for Advancing Product Quality
Diagnostics, Performance Prediction and Decision Making for Manufacturing Systems

T2 Manufacturing Technology and Processing
Process development and process control
Materials Forming & Machining
Modeling, Simulation & Optimization
Surface Engineering and Coatings
New material characterization methods
Modeling, analysis and simulation of manufacturing processes
Novel nonmanufacturing methods
New directions of material research
Information Technology in Material Designing
Green design and manufacturing
Digital and agile manufacturing
PDM, ERP, logistics and supply chain
Bionic mechanisms and bio-manufacturing
Tribology in Manufacturing Processes
Integrated Manufacturing System
Laser Processing Technology
Thermal Engineering Theoryand Applications
Testing, measuring, monitoring and controlling of manufacturing processes

T3 Materials science and Technology
Composites and polymer materials
Semi-conductor and micro-electronic materials
Smart/Intelligent Materials/Intelligent Systems
Thin Films
New Functional Materials
Metal alloy materials
Iron and Steel
Building Materials
Materials forming
Coatings and surface engineering
Materials Characterization
Mechanical Behavior & Fracture
Testing and Evaluation of Materials
Materials Machining
Materials Processing Technology
Microwave Processing of Materials
Function test and evaluation technology for material analysis




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